19 Jun 2015

Paris day 2

Off to the Paris airshow today.  It seemed to be mostly a trade show (you want a weapon system, you can buy it here) but there were some interesting static displays. 

I did find a type of coke that I had never seen. It is called Coke Life and has 25% less sugar. Not bad.

We saw rockets, helicopters, drones, jerry's, tools, etc. Even watched the Airbus A380 do some fancy aerobatic moves.

After the airshow we took the metro to the Arch de Triomphe. Way too many stairs (almost as many as Sacre Coeur Abessess station.

I am mostly showing selfies here - I can post the pics on my phone but not from my camera (need a computer). Below is another view from the top of the Arch. 

We walked the entire Champs Elysees then had dinner near the Louvre, walked across Pont Neuf,  then a train back to Pasteur station. My fitbit says I walked 25.52 km - almost 30,000 steps! Hope I can walk tomorrow. 

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