29 Jun 2015

Juno Beach and the D-Day landing areas

Here is another shot from the Mont as we prepared to leave in the morning 

After seeing signs and reading that overnight parking would be 14 euro,  we were shocked to find that it cost just over 4 euro. Again, typical of the French... signs thst don't quite match reality.

We drove north directly to the Juno beach (avoiding tolls and seeing many small villages).  After seeing so many cars the day before, I was surprised again by an unusual car. This smart car is a type I had never seen before

Here I am on Juno Beach. We were both somewhat disappointed with the Canadian Juno Beach Centre, as it focused on what Canada was like through the war and up the current times. We wanted to see things about what the Canadians did - we didn't come to France to learn about the geography and social structure of Canada!

We drove around to many different memorials in the area, including some German defensive bunkers.

We found many moving memorials and cemeteries and stopped every few minutes to explore.

We later drove east towards Vimy and found a few WW1 sites before arriving at Amiens to check into the hotel.

We were late again for dinner and had few choices - we ended up going to McDonald's! In France they seem to use a different colour scheme than everywhere else. Their key colour is green rather than red. Below is a machine where we ordered our food - including a beer! - and they delivered it right to our table.  I can't believe McDonald's at home would ever do table service. Much of the menu was quite unfamiliar and interesting, including mayonnaise on the fries.

Right near our hotel was one of the ubiquitous traffic circles with, of all things, a pizza making vending machine!

Interesting list evening in France.

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