10 Jun 2015

Leap of faith

This happened last weekend, but I wanted to post the photos as soon as I had the chance but on its own blog post. I think you'll agree that this one shouldn't be mixed with flowers and Maddy pictures.

Yes, they did it!!!! 

They jumped out of a plane over Dundas this weekend and had a blast. The rest of us froze our butts off in the cool wind at ground level.

So here is the sequence. 

Stanley went first and headed up with the instructor and videographer in the Cessna 182 (you don't think I would forget to check on that little detail, would you?). He jumped at ~11,000 feet after a quick check to see if he was ready to head out the door. Mel, Murray, Wendy, Adam, and I watched from the moment he left the plane. By the way, before he went up, Stanley mentioned that he had told his parents he would be doing this... sort of.  ;-) 

Trained and ready to go
Are you ready?
"Face first" into the void
View from the ground (Eric's camera, 200 mm lens, handheld lying on ground)
Even his pant legs were shortened by the force of the parachute!

Happy to be done, now he can explain it to his parents!

Adam went next and was strapped to the same instructor that his Auntie Mel had last August. The weather was a little more hazy, so it was harder to see the plane from the ground.

The first step is always the hardest
View from below - more haze this time
Adam and Chris did a somersault before the drogue chute came out

Legs up!
Even his hair is standing on end

Certificate of achievement 
Those who have jumped.
Wasn't that worth its own post?

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