23 Dec 2018

Family and friends

We took a few trips into Toronto and Cambridge over the fall, mostly to see family and friends. On one trip, we had lunch at the Dagu Noodle restaurant just off Bay St. in Toronto. Took some effort to get there, as the Toronto Marathon was in full swing at the time.

A month or so later, we went to a noodle restaurant in Markham during a quick trip to a large T & T Asian grocery store. Parker tagged along with us, as it was the same day as our great-niece's birthday party.

In Cambridge, we visited with Eric's sister Cathy and all her children at the same time! This was our last chance to see everyone before Christmas, as Cathy was soon headed back home.

Cathy, Dan, Leanne, and Carrie

All of Cathy's grandchildren were also there!

Laura, Elyse, Cathy, Jacob, and Brynn

We were thrilled to go to a hockey game to catch up with our friend Clara - she was on our Iceland trip and was in Hamilton for her granddaughter's hockey tournament. 

Clara, Wendy, and Eric

Ying has met several fellow visiting scientists at the university (each with one child), so we invited them over for a lunch at our place. They will be coming back for a dinner on Christmas day for a combined traditional and Chinese dinner!

Maddy enjoyed a visit with her friend Abby for a few days, and especially liked that Abby shared her rawhide chew. Maddy loved borrowing it and running around the house, only to noisily drop it whenever her neck muscles became tired. It really is as big as her whole body, but she doesn't care!

Maddy also got her hair cut just in time for Christmas. The pretty bow she received lasted less than a minute after she got home. 

Lots of firsts!

Lots of 'firsts' are happening around here!  We have had a great fall and early winter doing some things that may seem reasonably normal to us, but are bona fide first-time experiences for Fanfan and Ying. 

We took in a pumpkin patch hay ride and chose some cool Halloween pumpkins.


We went to our friend's Terry and Theresa for a chilly marshmallow roast.

Fanfan was invited to our great-niece's birthday party in Toronto (they made slime!), and here she is decorating her container. With an extra seat available, Parker does the same (he made his slime in Waterloo colours!).

Parker had a significant first this fall - he voted in the municipal election!

Fall leaves were a big hit with Fanfan, with her and Wendy taking part in a leaf jump! 

Soon after, we got a small amount of snow. Fanfan and Ying got to shovel it and make their very first snowman!

 Somehow Fanfan already knew how to make a snow angel...

Getting closer to Christmas, decorating a house with icing and candy was a new experience.

Tracking Santa down on the street and having a chat was definitely a first. She was even able to ask for a gift, in English.

A horse-drawn carriage ride through town was also an interesting activity, although the purpose may not have been very clear for her.

 Making cookies for the first time was delicious!