27 Mar 2015

The meat guy!

Adam has had a part time job for a few weeks preparing a brand new "No Frills" grocery store as it got ready to open. It is not far from Wendy's parents on the 'west mountain' in Hamilton/Ancaster.

Today, the store opened for the first time and he also did his first all day shift. Here he is this morning not wanting to show us the front of his shirt - it had his name and a cute "smiley face"!!!

Wendy had the day off, so she went snooping at the new store to see if she could catch him actually working. Sure enough, she found him in the meat department, as he is now the meat guy.

Although not a great image from Wendy's phone, here he is helping a customer.

4 Mar 2015

Things are looking up

This week is looking a lot better than last week. Everyone is home from the hospital (both of Wendy's parents) and Adam got promoted!

Yes,  Adam finally achieved Chief Warrant Officer (WO first class). This is the highest rank for cadets... meaning that Adam has been through every rank possible since he started at age 12. He ages out a little over 1 month from now,  as you stop cadets when you turn 19. 

To make the week even brighter,  Adam got a part time job! He will work at the new No Frills grocery store in Ancaster.

Everyone is happy that things are back to a normal schedule after Adam returned from Roatan last weekend. Adam got 5 higher certifications for scuba while he was away (search/rescue,  night,  nitrox,  navigation,  deep).  He will have to explain these to everyone...

Maddy knows exactly where her treats are,  and she expects that she will get them in the morning if she sits near them to remind us where they are. 

Here she is casually sitting by the drawer - but we know that she is barking frantically inside her head trying to get us to notice.