10 Apr 2016

March and April - summer, winter, summer, winter, etc.

Since March, we have kept as busy as usual and were able to get outside more.

Eric and Murray decided they needed to just get out and do something active, so they took a trip down to Niagara Falls for a day long photo safari on March 12th. They hit the Butterfly Conservatory, the Niagara Floral Showhouse, and went on Journey Behind the Falls tour. Here are a couple of Eric's pictures.

For a theme day at work, Wendy decided to have pink hair colour sprayed at the back of her head. That stuff got absolutely everywhere...never again!!

A few weeks ago Parker completely shocked us by asking if we could get him some....

...wait for it...


After getting over the shock, we went out to the stores and got him his very first pair of jeans. Both Parker and Adam despised jeans (in favour of sports pants of various types). Not sure what came over him, but they look pretty good on him. Yes, he is getting taller - around 5' 8" now!

His very first pair of jeans

The weather in March and April has been, well, kind of changeable. We have had some summer-like weather and some decidedly winter weather recently. Our taking off the snow tires probably is part to blame for the cold weather bit...

Our crocuses decided to bloom in mid March - they actually wilted because of the heat soon after.

Of course, after the heat came the snow! Here are the same flowers a while later...wilted and frozen!

Not long after, we got yet another winter/April storm and this one 'almost' closed the schools. Below are a few pictures of it getting started.

Maddy was not impressed at having to plow through snow in the back yard. She was just getting used to playing on the grass.
Maddy, ready for spring...
Adam needed to shovel in the morning, as close to 6" fell overnight.

This week Eric turned 52 and Wendy took him out for dinner at a small restaurant in Dundas called Il Fiasco. Nice little restaurant right in the middle of downtown Dundas.

Maddy needed a haircut really badly, so this weekend she went for her spa day in Ancaster. Below are a few pictures to show how much she changed after a simple grooming. She was almost completely grey before she went.

Muddy feet from the back yard, just before leaving for her haircut
Once she returned from the groomer, she was an almost completely different dog. From grey to brown in just a few hours!

Not impressed to be feeling so "naked"!
Despite feeling chilly, Maddy is happy that the grass is no longer covered in snow. Unfortunately (and not unexpectedly), we are expected to get yet another winter storm (snow then rain) tonight, so it will be messy for her to go outside. She will at least be easier to dry off than before her haircut!