25 Dec 2013

2013 Family year in review video

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas!

We put together and posted a YouTube video with highlights of what our family has done this past year. Check it out at: http://youtu.be/eBD-yzKgq4o

For our annual Christmas letter, you can download the pdf here.

Happy New Year!

Photos from December 2013

I have posted a few photos from December 2013 to my online album and will add more as I take them.

Merry Christmas!

Here's the direct link to the album:

22 Dec 2013

Power finally went out

Just after 2 pm (while I was freezing my butt off in the arena for the second time of the day), the power went out at our house.  Still just raining, but there are patchy outages all over the Hamilton area.  We were able to make dinner on our gas stove and ate by oil lamp- and flash-light. Our two fireplaces are keeping the house warm (about +3C outside), but we decided to drive up to Wendy's parents house to play cards. They have power - useful to charge up the cell phones! Some sources suggest we won't get power back until mid-day on the 26th.

Lots of trees down (and a few soon on their way down) on the drive this evening. The ice is certainly thicker up closer to the Hamilton airport.

Ice storm of the century? Piffle!

All the weather reports suggested that Hamilton was going to be at the epicentre of a massive ice storm overnight. Well, it didn't quite turn out that way. OK, there is some ice on Wendy's car, but other than being slippery, there doesn't appear to be much going on. It is starting to get windy, but we haven't lost power - yet. Just pouring rain and +2C. Hopefully it will continue to melt as the morning goes on.

19 Dec 2013

I have updated my stained glass page

I finally had time recently (due to a cold) to update and post all of my stained glass images.  I hadn't done anything since we had been to Iceland, and the page was way out of date! Click over to the Stained Glass page to see what is there.

I added all of the Christmas glass pieces that we made for fundraising (we still have many of these if anyone is interested!) and the one larger piece that I was commissioned to make earlier this year.  Perhaps I will get back into making glass pieces for fun over the next few weeks.

17 Dec 2013

Parker has a YouTube channel!

Parker is really interested in making videos and posting them on YouTube.  He has his own channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfWGTzNLnTzJb4xgAYacT_A) and has posted a few already.

He mostly posts videos of himself playing Minecraft (a computer game he loves) but he hasn't really had much luck getting sound to work.  He recently posted a video of himself jumping in snow, and that is posted on his YouTube channel.

12 Dec 2013

Welcome to our family blog

Seidlitz Family 2013
Seidlitz Family 2013
Welcome to our new family blog!  We moved our old family website over to this blog site so it would be easier to up. Instead of posting pictures on web albums then having to repost them on the site, this blog should make things a lot more efficient.

If you are jumping to this page via a redirect from our old website, most of the information that was on that site should be somewhere on this blog.

Please update your links to the new site:


6 Dec 2013

Door opener issues

OK, now that we have decided to get a new garage door after Adam's interaction with the old one, today all of our garage door remotes (including the one on the wall outside of the garage) stopped working.  Perfect!  It is now cold outside and we have to get out and open the door by going inside and pushing the button.  We can't pull the emergency handle inside and leave it like that (using the door old style) as that would leave the garage unlocked.

The information on the Chamberlain Whisper Drive website suggests that there might be interference with the signals, but I haven't been able to trace it - I even turned off all the power to the whole house except that one circuit.  I will turn off only that circuit and run an extension cord to it, but I expect that might not work.  Chamberlain says one of the most frequently ordered parts is the main receiver logic board (US$106), so I will have to also consider that.

It couldn't have done this in the summer when it was warm enough to play around with the thing...