30 Nov 2013

Photos from November 2013

Just a few photos taken during the month of November. Many of them are from a hike that we took along the Beaches in Toronto with our friend Penny.


5 Nov 2013

Adam had an ooops!

On heading out to school this morning with Wendy's car (which he wasn't really supposed to take), Adam little accident. As he was backing out of the garage, the door came down and crunched the rear spoiler.  Quite the noise!

Since the spoiler is made out of plastic, it kind of crumbled.  We've looked to get a replacement and the best price so far is about $750.  Not going to happen...

We will have to look at repairing it some how, as removing it isn't an option.  There are two large holes with bolts that hold the thing on, and it would likely cause a lot of rusting if we removed the whole piece.

Piano arrived!

We bought a used piano at a great price for our living room and it came in this week.  Parker has been taking lessons for a long time and it was finally time to get a real piano - he has been using an electronic keyboard in his room since he started playing. Wendy and I are considering learning how to play as well.

We had to rearrange our living room, and decided to give up one of the TVs in the house.  The living room can now be for reading and listening to music, and, of course, watching Maddy play.

The piano is a Heintzmann (made in Canada in 1968). We got it from Case Van Geest House of Piano's in Waterdown. Great condition!