18 Jul 2017

Many changes as our summer begins

May, June, and July has seen many changes for our family.

With the weather warming up in May, we decided that our old lawnmower was not going to be up to the task of tackling the heavy grass this season. We bought a new Honda lawnmower and it seems to work much better (although I can't tell, because I am not allowed to cut the lawn...).

We have been trying to get out to hike more than over the winter (which means anything greater than 0 hikes!) but have had difficulty arranging our schedules. We did get a chance to go out on a local hike with our friends Terry and Theresa.

Before Adam headed off to cadet camp for the summer, we had a BBQ with a bunch of his friends. Of course, Parker had to work this day, so he didn't get to eat with the crowd.

One of the many reasons that we didn't have much time to hike was because we were helping Wendy's mom move from her house to a senior's apartment in April/May. Sadly, Marion passed away June 30th after only 2 months in the apartment and after a long battle with cancer. She will be sadly missed by all.

Marion had wanted to live to see the fireworks on Canada Day (Canada 150!). In her honour, we went to the Canada Day fireworks in Lynden, Ontario. The blanket Wendy is wearing was made with love by her friend Carolyn so Marion would be able to keep warm at the fireworks.

As has happened many times around our place, a pair of mourning doves built a nest right next to our front door. This year we watched patiently as they prepared the nest and, eventually, sat on it for the long incubation. We were happy to see two new doves arrive in early July, representing a new beginning.

2 baby doves

One morning we went out to find the nest empty - it seems that the new dove family moved on to wherever they spend their summers. We expect to see the parents back in the spring next year!

Our empty nest

Our next post will likely be after one or two trips we have planned this summer. Hopefully I will also have an update for everyone relating to my academic job!