23 Aug 2018


Wendy had a special birthday while visiting PEI!

A visit to Prince Edward Island

Wendy and Eric took a week in August for a short vacation in PEI. The main purpose was to be away from home for a special birthday for Wendy. We also wanted to go somewhere neither of us had visited before.

Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place

Eric chatting with Sir John A.
Canoe Cove

Red sand beaches of Canoe Cove

Victoria lighthouse

Confederation Bridge

Basin Head white sand beach

Greenwich (PEI National Park)

Greenwich (PEI National Park)

Wood Islands Lighthouse

Point Prim lighthouse

At Point Prim

At Point Prim

If you would like to see a few more pictures,
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Shed update!

The final steps of the shed-building project saw huge changes in our back yard.

We started by painting the newly completed shed (Eric and Wendy were responsible for the finish work). It turned out very well with grey as the main colour, accented by cream/white trim and a soft yellow door.

The finished project (without door hardware)

The excavator did a good job of slowing down the growth of the lawn, so we had arranged for new sod to be laid later in July. Lots of work by a crew of guys as they spread new top soil, leveled and re-graded, then laid the new grass.
Old lawn had to be ripped out

New soil

Ready for new sod

Looks so much cleaner!
After the final concrete pouring for the posts for the fence/gate, Adam put his handiness to use again to rebuild the fence to give Maddy a proper fenced back yard.

A family photo in front of (Adam's) new shed!