10 May 2015

May flowers

Happy Mother's Day!

As usual, a very busy week. Summer seemed to steam roll over top of spring, and it was approaching 30C many days this week and weekend. 

Last weekend, Wendy went with her friend Mel to Niagara Falls so Mel could give a talk at a conference. Her husband wasn't feeling great, so Wendy went in his place. Wendy had some time to wander around and they visited the Niagara Casino. Wendy even took her very first selfie!

Wendy's first ever selfie!
We were able to arrange a hike in on Saturday (yesterday) but it was very hot. Maddy thought it was so hot she went into a creek and laid down. She was dry by the time we reached the car.

Too hot to hike without a little cooling break.
As we arrived home it looked like our crab apple tree was at its peak - I took this photo in case we received the predicted thunderstorms and lost all the flowers.
Crab apple tree on our front lawn
Stanley is getting ready for his graduation next month - he came down to ask about dress clothes for the event. Below is a picture of Adam teaching him how to tie a double Windsor knot. I think it is going to take some practice.
Learning to tie a tie

Parker and Adam didn't get Wendy any flowers today, but Stanley did. This is how it is done, boys!

Stanley gave Wendy flowers for Mother's Day

For my Mother's Day gift to my mom, below is a video that shows flowers that have popped up in our yard (and on the hiking trail) over the last 10 days or so.