3 Dec 2017

The great 2017 car shuffle!

This has been a crazy 2 weeks of change for our over-abundant Seidlitz family stable of vehicles. All 4 of our cars went in for our usual fall oil/filter/snow-tire service. I think I was at the shop so many times that they probably thought I was moving in!

The first major change was that we sold Wendy's beloved Toyota Echo (she had it since it was a baby!) to make way for a downsizing to a single car. She loved the Echo and it was the one vehicle that she was somewhat comfortable driving. At least it went to a good home (family of a co-worker).

Bye bye, Echo!
The next step was to transfer official ownership of Parker's Mini Cooper into his name (from Wendy's). With lots of paperwork and expensive safety certificates (plus three separate visits to the licence bureau!), the car is now fully Parker's.

The next change was a new car for Eric and Wendy. We picked up our brand new Nissan Qashqai SL AWD + Platinum sub-compact SUV in Monarch Orange and are enjoying its many advanced features. Wendy has even successfully reverse parked it into a tight spot with no trouble at all! The 4 or 5 cameras and even more radar sensors might have helped...

Wendy and her new Qashqai

Qashqai in its new home

To continue the domino-like effect, Adam sold his car (a Ford Focus) privately in preparation for moving into his next hand-me-down vehicle. Adam spent a lot of time preparing his car for sale and was happy that it sold reasonably quickly for a good price. 

The final step was the movement of Eric's Scion xB over to Adam. He was quite happy to receive this newer vehicle (in exchange for the money from the sale of his previous car...), and this allowed him to continue with his modifications of the Scion to better suit his needs. The operative word here is "continue", since he had previously removed the old Pioneer stereo and installed a new audio system in the hopes that he would be the new owner.  I think the sub-woofer was already in the car before we took delivery of the fancy new orange one.

Now that the vehicular carnage is over, I think the next thing on the horizon is Christmas. We are expecting it to be very quiet and low key. We do, however, plan to take in our traditional Star Wars movie over the holidays.