27 Dec 2014

Spring has sprung!!!!....err, Merry Christmas...

After the stockings were stuffed on Christmas eve, I glanced at the thermometer before heading to bed. I don't think we have seen a Christmas eve temperature of 10.5 C before!

10.5 C on Christmas eve? Come on... this is Canada!
That clinched it. It was guaranteed to be a green Christmas this year. I sure hope we won't have to get out the lawnmower again. 

Haven't been posting much lately, but now I have the time off to putter on the computer and do a little stained glass. Below is a piece that I made for Wendy after we sold one to a good stained glass customer a few days before. 
Finished two of these just before Christmas
The next piece we are working on will be a large transom window for our friends. When I say large, I mean 64 inches wide.  It will take some time but we have designed the pattern and already have all the glass. Will post some photos when it is done.

Christmas itself this year has been a whirlwind. Although Wendy and I are both off until the new year, there was always something to do. Now that Christmas is over, things have slowed to a crawl and it is sometimes a little to quiet for us. 

Christmas tree 2014

Stockings all filled Christmas eve

Parker trying to keep his eyes open when my flash goes off...

...Adam trying not to have any expression at all...

...and Stanley, who does not mind smiling!
We opened presents in the morning at our house then packed up at 10:30 and did the same at Wendy's parents. Round 2 begins...

Maddy received a bone - seems to just be compressed dog food

Stanley and Wendy opening presents

Parker handed out presents to everyone
Adam didn't get much, except a car.
Yes, you read that correctly.  Adam didn't get as much as he usually does for Christmas because he will be getting his grandfather's car when he upgrades in the next few months. Adam had to do a long and involved treasure hunt and eventually got the news that his new GPS and bumper sticker would not really need to be installed in Wendy's car. 

Here is a link to an auto generated movie that Google made of Adam's treasure hunt

After a short time at home for some cooking and a nap, Adam drove us up to Mel and Murray's for more presents and a big Christmas dinner. Here is round 3...

I got some scotch glasses to go with some good scotch

Murray also got some liquids

Parker really wanted white hot chocolate - he got enough to last a year or two

Adam got Advanced Scuba lessons on the island of Roatan (in February)

Everyone got into the action!

As with every year, Wendy got a Coca Cola item!

Turkey dinner with family

Murray, the chef

More pictures to follow as the holidays continue!