10 Jan 2015

How does one get a "boxer's fracture" at school?

Parker knows.  

And it is NOT a badge of honour. 

Thursday,  Parker was having his first bad day at school since grade 5 on Thursday. He was irritated at the world and another kid decided that this would be the perfect day to further irritate Parker. Bad choice on both parts. Parker ended up suspended until Monday, the other kid had a bloodied nose,  and Parker has a broken bone. 

Of course, he didn't really complain until after his hockey game this afternoon in which he smacked into the boards and had to come off the ice! 

No more piano, hockey, handwriting, etc. for at least 2 weeks, likely more...

I say he very much deserves it. 

9 Jan 2015

We've finally cut the cord!

No, Adam hasn't moved out of the house.. today is the day that we have cut the "cable TV" cord.

After disconnecting one of the cable boxes in the late fall without anyone noticing, we decided that paying for cable TV was not a justifiable expense. We would periodically watch a few shows, but mostly on a computer several days after they were aired.  I would connect my laptop to the TV and all would be fine.

In the meantime, we are going to use our smaller screens as well as the Chromecast I've had for over a year. Soon, though, we are planning on getting an Android TV box to turn our TV into a Smart TV. This will give us far more options of what/when to watch the bigger screen in the house and will save us $75 per month!

Who knows, next time we Skype with family, your faces may appear in high def on our big screen TV. All things are possible in a post-cable world.

5 Jan 2015

Someone who doesn't like hockey?

Apparently,  Maddy doesn't like hockey.

Last night and this evening we noticed that she would run into and hide in the closet during the World Juniors hockey games.

I wonder if it has anything to do with all the cheering...?

4 Jan 2015

Well, at least it isn't Valentine's Day yet!

We finally put together our annual Christmas letter and, as usual, it was completed in January! We have now decided to call it our Year in Review, mostly to honour (hide) the fact that we don't usually get around to it until all the hustle and bustle of the new year has settled. Click on the link below the image to open the pdf file.

Click here to read our annual newsletter

Although we didn't include it in our newsletter this year, just for fun Wendy decided to ask a series of questions of the kids that we had asked them 6 years ago for one of our previous Christmas letters. Check out their answers below:

AGE 12
AGE 18
AGE 14
What is your favourite colour?
Blue & Yellow
Blue & Yellow
What is your favourite food?
Ice Cream
Where do you want to travel to?
Paris to see the
Eiffel Tower
A Caribbean place
to go Scuba Diving
How much money is a lot of money?
Who is your hero?
Stephen Hawking
Don't have one
Frankie (A You Tuber)
How old is “old”?
46 (Mom's age)
What will you be when you grow up?
A pyrotechnic
An engineer of some sort
A policeman
I don't know
How old is "grown up"?


Happy New Year everyone!!