9 Jan 2015

We've finally cut the cord!

No, Adam hasn't moved out of the house.. today is the day that we have cut the "cable TV" cord.

After disconnecting one of the cable boxes in the late fall without anyone noticing, we decided that paying for cable TV was not a justifiable expense. We would periodically watch a few shows, but mostly on a computer several days after they were aired.  I would connect my laptop to the TV and all would be fine.

In the meantime, we are going to use our smaller screens as well as the Chromecast I've had for over a year. Soon, though, we are planning on getting an Android TV box to turn our TV into a Smart TV. This will give us far more options of what/when to watch the bigger screen in the house and will save us $75 per month!

Who knows, next time we Skype with family, your faces may appear in high def on our big screen TV. All things are possible in a post-cable world.

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