9 Jan 2016

A LAN party?

Adam and his friends introduced us to a new phenomenon (well, new to us at least). He and 3 of his friends have congregated in our basement with their computers, monitors, power cables,  and a local area network (LAN) switch for the weekend. Once connected through this switch, they all play a video game together just as if they were in separate locations.

Probably makes sense if you like to interact virtually with people even though they're sitting right next to you. I guess it would be like me texting Wendy to ask if she could pass the pepper. Fun to do once, just because you can, but I don't see any practical value in it myself. Maybe I am not as much of a geek as I thought I was...

3 Jan 2016


Adam is 19 years old and works at an engineering design and manufacturing
company in Ancaster.

Adam is active in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets (735 Firebird Squadron). He aged out of cadets this year but is now involved as a civilian instructor.

June 2015

Adam, Turks & Caicos, 2011
Adam is also a certified open-water scuba diver, and this was taken on one of his dives while in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Adam on a practice dive (cold water)

Adam's YouTube channel is http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXO0Evr7_JIJsNwrUJV0T7A.