8 Apr 2018

Our somewhat busy winter

I guess it has been busy over the last several months, although not too many photos to show you.  Check out the captions to see what's been up.

Maddy with a new haircut

All of us visiting family in Toronto

View from niece and her family's condo

No snow for Maddy (March 1)
Lots of snow for Maddy, the very next day (March 2)

Another trip to Toronto for a great niece's birthday party!

Toronto wildlife

A more sedate version of Toronto wildlife

Wendy has been trying to cook more

Museum in North Bay (northern air defence)

At the museum in North Bay

First bloom of the spring - later than normal

Parker's graduation photo

First hike of the season

Maddy on our first hike... she picked up a tick...

New office at work - still under construction

Our mourning dove has come back for another try

So that about sums up the last 4 months. Next on the agenda?  A trip to San Francisco, Maui, Oahu, Hawaii, and Vancouver - all in 3 weeks!

More photos to come!