8 May 2017

Parker's first solo

Parker passed his driving test to now be able to drive independently!!!

Here is a 48 second video of his solo to get pizza.

I got the job!

If you recall the brief note in my previous post about the job interview, today I got an email that offered me the position. More details to come!


Sorry for the delay...

It has been some time since I posted on this blog (yes, since January 2nd). Our family has been crazy busy with things and just didn't have much time to document things very carefully.

I have been teaching part time at McMaster (Cell Biology in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program) and have been working on finding more, well, work. Here are a few photos of my class from the final presentation day (half presented in the morning, the other half presented in the afternoon).

That same day, I turned 53...

I recently did a panel interview for a faculty position at McMaster. Here is the new suit, shirt, and tie.


Wendy has been working a lot and has been helping her mother through some complex medical issues and the sale of her house/move to a seniors' apartment. That alone has taken a huge chunk of time this spring. She took a quick trip to Florida with her friend Melanie. Here she is in the ocean.

We took several trips to Toronto with her mom. Here is one stop we had to make for Parker.

Adam has been busy working. He just turned 21 and is still working on planning his future. He had 2 jobs for a while and has since gone down to one full time position. With his working and his continually tinkering with his motorcycle and computer, we don't see him much. Hence, so few photos...

Parker has been even more busy. He played hockey, took driving lessons, has recently started back working as a dishwasher at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club again (slowed down over the winter), and has been busy gaming in his room a lot. Just recently, he got his braces off (much to our bank account's relief~) and is happy to chew gum again.

Our garden is doing quite well, even with the deluge(s) of biblical proportions over the last two weeks.

Maddy is quite busy, although she has been having some problems with her teeth. She doesn't know it yet, but she will be going for some dental surgery in the beginning of June to fix the problem.

So, overall, not much to talk about.