6 Dec 2013

Door opener issues

OK, now that we have decided to get a new garage door after Adam's interaction with the old one, today all of our garage door remotes (including the one on the wall outside of the garage) stopped working.  Perfect!  It is now cold outside and we have to get out and open the door by going inside and pushing the button.  We can't pull the emergency handle inside and leave it like that (using the door old style) as that would leave the garage unlocked.

The information on the Chamberlain Whisper Drive website suggests that there might be interference with the signals, but I haven't been able to trace it - I even turned off all the power to the whole house except that one circuit.  I will turn off only that circuit and run an extension cord to it, but I expect that might not work.  Chamberlain says one of the most frequently ordered parts is the main receiver logic board (US$106), so I will have to also consider that.

It couldn't have done this in the summer when it was warm enough to play around with the thing...

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