10 Jun 2015

More random happenings

Here are a few more things I wanted to post but haven't had the time to deal with.

Marion took us on a trip to Stratford to see the Sound of Music. We go every year, but this year Ron wasn't up to the drive or a musical. If you will notice in the selfie below, Parker actually agreed to come along! Without wi-fi!

He secretly enjoyed it. 

Stopping at Tim Hortons didn't hurt either.

Maddy got her hair cut for summer. Below are her before and after pictures. The bandana lasted until a minute after the photo was taken. She hates those things.


We took a few more pictures of Maddy while in the back yard a few days later. Here is her 'official' portrait, and she is smiling.

On the original, you can see how deep the engraving is in the phone number...

We also wanted a picture of Adam in his uniform in his final cadet rank, so he begrudgingly put it back on for us to take this picture. This is about a month after he aged out. He is now working as a civilian volunteer for his squadron.

Warrant Officer First Class Seidlitz
As we moved into June (and things didn't slow down) we also did hike #3 of the Bruce Trail. Hre's the obligatory start of the hike selfie. 

Bruce Trail gang selfie #3
This hike's highlight was going over the Welland Canal. Little did we know that an earlier highlight would be going over the old Welland Canal! Can't imaging many large ships would go through here - thankfully the newer canal seems much larger.

I was a little surprised that there were no signs warning of the danger of falling to our deaths. We stayed away from the edge anyway...

This was another interesting trail marker. Maybe this concrete structure would last longer than the trees.

Here is another trail marker, albeit a non-standard one. Glad we were prepared for unusual "white blazes", or we might have tried to go through that tick infested bush behind Maddy.

Just as we arrived to cross the main canal, the lift bridge went up. Thinking we would see a fantastic and large ocean-going ship, we were a little disappointed to see a tiny (by our standards) pleasure craft go by. Not exciting, but at least we got to rest and eat a snack.

After the bridge came back down, I took this picture through the railing and thought the water colour was interesting.

We also went by a few man-made waterfalls. This one caught my eye, so I took a shot with a longer shutter speed to blur the moving water.The next picture is with the shutter speed the camera wanted to use.

Longer shutter speed
Normal shutter speed
Which one do you prefer?

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