29 Jun 2015

Juno, Belgium, and Amsterdam

Our main focus today was the Vimy memorial. Incredibly powerful spot and well worth the visit. 

We took in the tunnels and the trenches and were very surprised by how pockmarked the landscape was after 98 years or so.  Huge craters everywhere.

There are several Canadian cemeteries in the area as well.

We took the car back but spent close to an hour driving around downtown Lille looking for the rental company. No signs anywhere! We finally found it then arrived to find them closed for a 2 hour lunch...  typical. Luckily they opened 10 minutes before we had to board our train. No problems, no stress.

The trains were fantastic - getting us to Brussels in about 20 min for a brief layover. We had enough time for a geocache and a quick picture of this (very) public urinal.

We arrived in Amsterdam, checked into the fantastic hotel we had booked the went for a typical Dutch dinner.

Took a stroll through the red light district then went to bed - only 22,120 steps on the fitbit.

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