21 Jun 2015

Less walking, more sun

A lot less walking today - only 15km! It was so cool and overcast while eating breakfast that we went back to the hotel and put on long pants. When we arrived at Le Bourget airport the sun came out and it got very hot. Luckily, the drink of choice at the airshow was beer. 

The crowds were much bigger than yesterday - maybe 50,000+ people all standing on the tarmac watching the planes. We knew enough to snag a prime spot on the grass. The Patrouille de France air demonstration team was a highlight, although they only did a 10 minute show. Nothing like the Snowbirds, though.

We did a lot of metro rides and experienced a few new stations. I am now wondering whether we actually walked most of the way to our destinations while inside some of the larger stations! Dinner was near Notre Dame (Saint Michel), and as usual, it took several hours for a simple meal.  We are getting used to that by now.

It just started raining as we wandered by Notre Dame, so we headed back to the hotel to get some much needed rest.

Hoping to take in the catacombs tomorrow morning. If I am lucky, maybe the blisters on my feet will get a chance to heal... 

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