10 Jun 2015

A little late, but still noteworthy

I haven't posted for a while - somehow the less busy time that is supposed to happen after the university school year is over never seemed to materialize.

The end of May saw Adam get possession of his car from his grandfather (he had virtual possession of it, more or less, for a few weeks while Ron was not able to drive).
New plate went on in a flash

Ron got his new car a few weeks later and it certainly has more gizmo's than the old one.

As expected, now that Adam can connect to the sound system with Bluetooth in his own car, we always can hear when he comes home, long before the door opens...

Parker has continued to periodically caddie, but I don't think he has actually gone out on the course since his first day (mostly just sat there and waited... collecting $11 for sitting and waiting). It is very difficult to get him to look at the camera, but I took a picture of his badge and hat. It will have to do.

Also in the end of May we did our second Bruce trail hike but it was unfortunate that two team members had a schedule change that made it difficult for them to go on our hikes. Below are a few shots from that hike. The selfie to start it off is the group just as we are starting where we left off from hike #1.
The Bruce Trail gang selfie #2
There were certainly more birds and bugs on this hike, but the weather was nice and the terrain was not too difficult. We did walk along a few roads and crossed a few more with purpose built pedestrian bridges. Thanks go to the driver who honked as they went under us on the bridge - it certainly woke us up!
A few bridges to cross
Not certain what this shoe tree was all about, but it was interesting enough to stop for a picture. I think this qualifies as being "random".

There were also many more spring flowers than last time, but I liked how this one turned out. I think the dandelion can be very nice to look at (in an artistic way) if you can repress the homeowner's urge to rip it out and kill it at all costs.

I noticed that some of the trail markers were becoming more "imaginative" and we did get confused/lost a few times. Well, at least when I was leading the way. The tree below looks just as confused as I was looking at it, so I don't think it was all my fault for going off the beaten path. Just saying...

To finish off this post, here's another random find, close to the end of the hike at the Woodend Environmental area we came across the area's administration building. 

Great name for a company
I wonder if their head office is next door to a Taco Bell... that would be even better, right?

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