21 Jun 2015

A line up that was worth it

We headed out first thing this morning to the catacombs of Paris.  It didn't open until 10, but the lineup was several hundreds long when we arrived. We stuck it out in the periodic drizzle and got in around noon. Great experience but way too many stairs!

 Creepy, but interesting...

You know, I have not seen any gas stations in downtown Paris - a few near the airport, but that is it. Now I know why! They cover them up at night so you don't see them. Here is one that was "open".

We took in the Rodin Museum. It is very different than the last time I visited 20 years ago (April 95), but still ok. "The Thinker" is always the most popular..

Across the street is Les Invalides, the Armour museum,  and Napoleon's tomb. The armour museum has an absolutely huge collection of everything military and was worth the visit. Napoleon's tomb was busy but also great to see.

After a nice pasta dinner, we went to view the Eiffel tower (not go up) and walked along the Seine. After a little wine, we headed to the hotel and called it an early night (11:15 is early here).

Plan to take in the Louvre tomorrow. I guess my feet are not going to heal any time soon...  We walked 18.5 km today, and fully expect the same tomorrow! 

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