7 Oct 2015

The wheels fell off

Sorry to everyone who may be following this blog. I haven't posted since mid July, right after I returned from Europe.

In all honesty, the wheels undeniably fell off with regards to my life, and I have been unable to engage with any of my hobbies (blogging included) until now. I was in hospital for a week in August and off work for a long time. It was undoubtedly the most difficult summer I have ever had or wish to have. I call it my "horrendum aestas" (unsophisticated Latin for horrible summer).

Blogging no longer seemed to make the cut for things to occupy my time since then. I won't get into the details of what happened, but you can always contact me to chat about things if you like. To get back on track, I will try to catch up on things on this blog over the next few weeks. The first thing to deal with is to present the promised photographs from my European trip in June. That will be in my next post and I will try something new - Google Photo stories. Hope it is going to work.

Talk to you soon.


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