11 Oct 2015

The rest of July and August

I know I am going back a bit, but I thought I would catch up on the routine happenings in July with our family.

Adam went off to the cadet summer camp at Blackdown (near Barrie) to work as an adult civilian. He got this position somewhat last minute, as he was on a waiting list. He couldn't apply before the usual deadline because he was still a cadet (until his birthday in April), so his name got on the list later than expected.

He was in charge of a company and all the staff cadets and says he had a good time. He hopes to go back next summer and is starting the paperwork early.

Adam is on the opposite side of the table on the right. Red hair.

At the end of June (I was in Europe) Parker signed up for baseball. He went back to baseball like a fish to water, having not played for a long while. The team did very well and went to a variety of places across Hamilton to play.

In July, when money was REALLY tight, the driveway people came back to finish the job they started in May. No more gravel driveway, no more mud. Below is the project mid-way through and the finished product. So smooth that snowblowing will be a joy this winter!

2nd place in city tournament

We visited Carrie, Ken and the two kids in July and Parker seemed to be very interesting to Jacob. 

Also this month, Wendy, her mom, and Melanie took a shopping trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan. They stayed a few nights and did "a little" shopping. Here is some of the stuff they bought!

Mel and Murray's pool and cabana in their back yard was a frequent stop for us to take in the great out doors.  Here are three people enjoying the fresh air and sunshine... all plugged into their tablets.

Can you guess what I am going to update you on next?

Yes, August!

Here is Wendy on Murray's bike. She held on very strongly, as she doesn't really like motorbikes.

Murray brought his old MG from his parent's place - they were moving so he had to find a spot for it. This was a nice shot that I have used for a windows wallpaper.

At the end of August, Parker and I took a short trip out to Manitoba to see my family. Wendy stayed home to spend some much needed time with her mom.  Here is the crew in the airport elevator just after our flight to Winnipeg.

The prairie sunset on the way to Portage la Prairie.
First thing the next morning, with bright sunshine and the juice waiting on the table, I knew I was home again.

One of the sights we took in was the Winnipeg zoo. This little gopher decided that I was an interesting sucker. He came right up and almost touched my hand. I kept telling it that Parker was the one eating the mini-doughnuts! It soon turned, and took off with a chitter.

 The highlight was supposed to be the polar bears - this is the best view we got of them.

This tiger was just watching us, like we were the entertainment.

The butterfly conservatory was full of monarchs.
We went to the Forks (a shopping area at the fork of the Assiniboine and Red rivers). Here is the rather unusual Museum of Human Rights building. It is just across the "d*nk bridge" on the other side of the river.

My parents are always outside when the weather is warm and the mosquitoes are not.

Parker's stated main reason for coming on the trip was to play golf with his uncles. He did that several times, and once with his grandfather along as a golf cart driver.

We had a BBQ at Dave and Sandra's place. Here is my bother Karl and my mom checking out the BBQ.  Just potatoes on this one. The real BBQ was the smoker that Dave recently bought to do pulled pork.

Parker even played golf in the back yard!

I took a few walks around town to do some photography. Found a few interesting subjects.

Meanwhile, Wendy found an online auction with a kitchen table and chairs. She bought it very cheaply. My job will be to recover the seats.

More photos from the BBQ.

15 years old!

The blue icing was very blue!

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