21 Oct 2015

Last day in Quebec City

Wendy's conference was over last evening, so we took the chance to go out to dinner and wander the city for a while. Below is the view from our window in the evening (after most of the Blue Jays disaster game was over).

This was an interesting and colourful sight - seemed to be a war memorial.

The restaurant where we ate dinner was reported to be the oldest pizza restaurant in the city. We had a chicken and bacon pizza with a Caesar salad - ON TOP! Yes, the salad was piled on top the freshly baked pizza. Actually better than it sounds!

Halloween decorations are big here. This display went all out, with a cauldron, fake flames, and real steam.

The pumpkin was of good size as well.

Purple is the predominant colour used to light up most buildings at night. Here is the Chateaux Frontenac.

Our last full day was set aside for Wendy and I to sleep in then tour the Citadel. It is the main Fort and home to the 2nd Battalion of the Royal 22nd regiment (vingt deux; the Van Doos). Below is a shot taken in one of the museum areas with badges from military units across Canada.

Most of my photos were on my real camera, but here are a few from the tour.

This panorama will likely stick off the edge of the web page, but it shows a nice view of old Quebec.
This is their largest cannon but it is not the one they fired at noon.

We did stop in to visit a beautiful old cathedral. Gorgeous interior...

This picture of Wendy nicely combines 2 common themes from the trip. Here is Wendy eating maple cotton candy (really good stuff!) while watching a Blue Jays game!

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