13 Oct 2015

September was a nice break from the summer

Thankfully, not much happened in September. Everything nicely slowed down as we got things back under control for another school year. Here are some of the highlights.

Parker started Grade 10 this year, this time at the single location of Dundas Valley Secondary School. Last year he was located at the east campus (formerly Parkside High), but the west campus (formerly Highland) was renovated and opened just in time for the new school year. They didn't have enough desks and chairs for everyone for several weeks, but they seem to have sorted that out now. We think that this picture of Parker is likely the very first one since Adam started school that actually required an umbrella. I will have to look back at our old photos to see whether that is true.
Grade 10!

I did get some fabric and had some foam cut (the store where I bought it cut it all in 5 minutes!). The chairs are now much more comfortable and don't look quite so late 80s pastel pink/green. This fabric has some metallic gold in it as well as shiny brown. Wonder how long it will be until someone cringes at the choice of fabric like we did with the chairs' previous incarnation? The fabric I removed wasn't the original, so I can only guess what it might have been!

2 leaves can be added to make this a huge table
We had Mel and Murray's dog Abby stay for a sleepover while they were away. She fit right in and learned all the proper places to sit to watch the action.

Parker got his full braces this month. He'll have them for a few years. He also had a couple of bite guards attached inside so his lower teeth don't knock off the braces from the inside.

We got the opportunity to do another leg on the Bruce Trail hike with Terry and Theresa. Here we are near the starting point of the leg (close to Pen Centre shopping mall). We ended at Brock University.

The Bruce Trail hike was on a perfect weather day - here is some of the early fall colour that we noted.

Maddy has been watching a lot of Blue Jays games recently, so her eyes were getting a little strained. You can just see how tired she is after cheering for several hours...

See you next with October!

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