19 Oct 2015

October is more normal...

September was relatively benign as months go and things are starting to get back to normal. One major change is that Adam has grown a beard!

The crabapple tree has provided a nutritious snack for the many deer in our area. They will even come across the street to have their fill when people are standing on the driveway! We know... we watched it happening. Our house might be the most photographed on the street as people routinely stop to take pictures of our lawn ornaments.

Maddy sure likes the fall. She now likes to stick her head out the window to smell what is going by. 

We took a trip on the Thanksgiving weekend to have supper with Carrie, Ken, and family. Here are a few shots. 
Sandbox time with Laura! 

The beard was a hit with Jacob

To go with Parker's blue tongue from August

The parents get a moment to relax while cousin Parker reads the story

A rare snuggle! 

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