7 Oct 2015

Europe 2015

Here are some quick stories that I generated with pictures from the trip my friend Murray and I took to Europe at the end of June. It was ostensibly for a science conference in Paris, but that was only for a few days. The rest was sightseeing, walking, visiting war memorials, and touring the red light district in Amsterdam. 

Each story below is a link that should open in a new window - if that doesn't work for you, I have pasted the text link below each picture. You can click on it or copy/paste it into your browser to zip over to Google's new photo service.

All the photos are in roughly chronological order within each "story" (a fun feature of the new Google Photos app), except where I had forgotten to change the time zone with my camera... I can't seem to change the order of pictures within the story, but I hope that this will be a feature added to the app in the future. 


Bonus story!!!

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