25 Apr 2019

Luftwaffe and shopping in Berlin

As you may have gathered, we went to another aviation museum today. Wendy and I headed about as far away in Berlin as we could (and still be covered by our transit pass). We went to the village of Gatow where the Luftwaffe Museum is stationed. We did get lost on the way there - the bus route apparently splits into two routes at one spot, but we didn't get that information from the overhead announcements. The bus driver told us where to wait, then picked us up again after about 15 minutes (he and his bus sat only 50 feet away the whole time). Getting back on, he said: "You were looking for the airplane museum, right?". He drove us to the branch point and showed us the correct spot to change. On getting on the new bus, that driver said: 'You were looking for the airplane museum, right?'. Seems they chat on the radio!

This F-104 Starfighter was modified for a zero distance take off - they added an extra rocket engine that allowed it to take off without a runway!

The museum itself was great, and even better, it was completely free! Great collection and good gift shop. Afterwards, we had to walk 27 min to catch the bus going back - at least it was 25C and beautiful out.

We decide to go shopping at a famous department store (KaDeWe = short for Kaufhaus des Westens), and while having a late lunch, Wendy found a Coca Cola Bar! And yes, she enjoyed every drop of her coke. Eric looked at the watches, but most cost more than this trip...

Good lunch, then back to the room to rest and prepare for dinner at a Pizza place a half block away. Strangely, their web reviews say that the serving staff are "left-leaning". Not sure what that meant in the context of a restaurant, but it was good either way. Took less than 10 minutes from ordering for our pizza to arrive!

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