28 Apr 2019

Gaudi, sex machines, and Picasso

We went to Casa Mila (La Pedrera) today and toured the Gaudi designed apartment building. Unbelievable architecture and lots of things to look at.

View from inside Casa Mila

Casa Mila main gate (where cars could go to underground parking.

Walked back to La Rambla and window shopped, although most things are closed on Sundays. Also visited the Erotic museum, but didn't get any photos... sorry.  ;-()

After an afternoon siesta, Wendy and I went back out into the city and did some shopping along the waterfront (the Mediterranean). After checking out the "baby drop off" - where unwanted babies were left to be given away - we went into an interesting church on the way to the Picasso museum, then headed to a bakery to buy some pastries for dinner (...still on vacation, remember?).

Yes, it is here, too!

They have a very complicated political life in Barcelona. Flags for everything!

The Barcelona Baby Drop-Off (where unwanted children were left)

At the Picasso Museum (not as good as the entry fee suggested)

Dinner in Barcelona, on our terrace.

Tomorrow is a tour up the Nativity facade of the Sagrada Familia, another Gaudi construction.

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