29 Apr 2019

Chocolate, Sagrada Familia, Chocolate, and a market

Our second last full day in Barcelona started (after hot chocolate/coffee and pastries!) with a long walk to the Sagrada Familia - subways were on minimal service all day due to protests/strikes. So much for buying a 4 day metro pass, as Wendy and I have only used it once so far.
Like drinking a chocolate bar
Gaudi's still in construction church was absolutely spectacular.   We took the elevator up the Nativity facade but walked down all 480 spiral staircase steps.

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Getting ready to become dizzy

Nice views on the way down
On the way back, we went to the chocolate museum (with a Game of Thrones dragon in chocolate) then had a siesta.

Later in the day we went to the Boqueria Market and wandered around before coming back for a quiet dinner in our room.

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