9 Nov 2014

Somewhat more calm

It was a much less busy week compared to last week and seemed almost calm in comparison.

We started off by getting snow tires installed on Wendy's car. Early, you say? We've already seen flakes a few times and it is coming probably sooner than we would like. Tomorrow it is my car's turn to get winter ready. The shovels and the snow blower are all set for the winter to come. The garden is all tucked in for the bad weather and the fireplaces are cleaned and ready to go. Hurry up, winter, we want to get it done and over with!

I have been in a bit of a flare for the last few weeks, so we haven't hiked at all. Maddy seemed to be getting anxious for a good long walk. Today, though, we met up with our friend Theresa for our weekly hike (Sunday). Just the usual Dundas trail loop, but it was nice to have another person along. It was a bit chilly with a slight wind but not really that wet. Maddy wore her winter coat for the first time this fall because she just had her hair cut yesterday. As usual, I took pictures and a few of them turned out OK.
Theresa, Wendy, and Maddy
The light was flat but the effect was almost "painterly"
We were surprised when we arrived at the Hermitage Ruins - all the trees on the west side were recently cut down! You could never actually see the ruins from the trail before - now it is in full view. It is a drastic change, and we are not convinced it is a good one. Hopefully it doesn't mean that they are going to try to tear it down when so many local people are hoping to fix it up enough to be not so 'dangerous' (as all the signs indicate). There were a number of birds flying around the ruins (perhaps they used to live in those trees?), so I took a shot of a single robin on the crumbling stone wall. Seemed a bit lonely and grey.

Waiting for spring...
The ruins continue to deteriorate, and we all reminisced about the good times years ago we had when we took our families there - when you could actually touch them without some ridiculously ominous (my opinion) danger sign getting in the way. The old secondary building at the back (an old stable?) is still accessible but not in great shape either.
Theresa at the Hermitage
Although most of the fall colours were faded and/or underfoot, there were still a few splashes of colour to be seen on the hike.
More fall colours
After we got home, we raked the leaves in the back yard, picked raspberries (Wendy and Maddy), then gave Maddy another shower (2 this weekend!). She was quite exhausted for the rest of the day.

As is typical of our weekend days, soon after a quick lunch it was off to the grocery store, back home for 5 minutes to put the groceries away, then off to hockey practice. After a few more errands it was back home again and it was time to make supper. After a few minutes to process the images and post to the blog and it seems like it is time to start all over again for next week.

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