28 Nov 2014

It has been a while...

Haven't posted anything recently since I was away for 5 days in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  My parents celebrated their 60th anniversary, and unbeknownst to them, all the children arrived on their doorstep to help them celebrate! After the shock wore off, it was a great visit with family. Seems that the weather in Manitoba, although cold, was better than most other places.  Here are a few pictures from the visit:

My mom still in shock

My dad puttering around outside

My parents, sister, and brother-in-law Skype calling their great grand-daughter (and grand-daughter)

Cutting the anniversary cake
My sister and I took a walk in the beautiful sunshine (about -5C). This was to get some exercise and to take a few pictures.The snow appeared to be the main theme (what else is there to see in Manitoba in November?).

Just outside the front door.

View from the edge of the lake to the Island.

The frozen lake - not quite ready to walk on, but very soon!

The only ones on the lake are the pigeons and the litterers .
The double cup suggests to me that they were also wimps.
The wind always makes small drifts - these were only a few inches high.

After a slightly delayed flight home, the whirlwind of activity drastically increased. Parker had 3 appointments this week and they all were in the middle of the day. Two of them were to install the first step in getting braces.

Cool dude getting an orthodontic appliance

He only needed an appliance to adjust one side of his jaw, full braces may be later...

Now that it is finally Friday (and Parker just had his third appointment during work/school hours), it should be time to relax a little.  Unfortunately, my students had an exam while I was away, and another one this week after I had returned. Marking is therefore the next big task over the coming weeks.

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