15 Mar 2014

Maddy's visitors

Maddy was in heaven with all the attention this week. She started off Sunday with a play date with her large dog friend, Abby (Maddy can walk underneath her, so she is quite big in comparison). Tired her out completely! She just had time for a quick nap before the arrival of Eric's parents, brother, and sister-in-law. They were on their way home from a tour in Italy and stopped in Toronto.  They stayed at our place for a few days while they recovered from the 9+ hr flight.
Maddy with Eric's dad, Paul.
Maddy decided that she loved everyone and was ready to receive a scratch from anyone, anytime. And there was a lot of that going on...everyone was home all week due to Spring Break for the kids.

Maddy with Eric's brother, Dave.

Maddy with Eric's sister-in-law, Sandra.
Maddy in her glory.
We had several big meals and sat in the living room a lot. Both Wendy and Parker practiced their piano for everyone, while Maddy demonstrated how to play with toys.
Eric's mom, Dianne.

The family all together for a concert.
Maddy also had a short play date with her neighbour dog friend, Penny (a dachshund). After all of the activity and the lack of sleep (everyone was home all day), Maddy finally remembered that she had started the week by losing an hour of sleep due to the spring-forward time change.  She was so over-tired that she kind of sunk into the couch. Anyone that has ever had jet lag should recognize this feeling!

What true jet lag looks like.
With all the talk of spring, and all the melting going on in the back yard (we had mud puddles everywhere), you'll never guess what happened?  

We got snow.  


After everyone was headed back to Winnipeg on Wednesday in a major snow storm, I drove back home from Pearson airport (after almost 2 hours of driving on city streets - all the highways were functionally blocked). It was miserable for the whole day, but we woke up the next morning to a pretty back yard. Looks a little like a postcard from the Swiss Alps (without the mountains). 

After the storm.
It has partly melted since then, but I am not holding my breath for spring coming any time soon. The weather was just the right temperature, though, for Maddy to make some interesting patterns in the yard with her nicely trimmed (not bushy) feet.

Maddy tracks.

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