26 Mar 2014

Hockey season is OVER!

Parker played in his final house league game of the season on Saturday with his brand new stick. It was the final championship game to determine the season's best team. Unfortunately his team didn't win the trophy - they got a medal for second place. Happy to be done with hockey season and hoping for spring, what do you think we did for the rest of the weekend?
First game of the last day of the hockey season

We watched Parker play hockey, of course! Froze our butts off, too. Repeatedly.

His team entered the City of Hamilton "playdowns" on Sunday. The first game at the Chedoke arena was pretty much a bust, as it was against a much stronger team. They didn't have a great time, especially coming one day after their disappointing loss in the house league championship.

Parker actually had two major events scheduled on the same day (not unusual in our household), so we whisked him from the arena, got him changed, and brought him to a church in Dundas for his piano recital. The video below tells you about how long his performance was.

After the recital, we whisked him to a different arena (Mountain Arena in Hamilton) just in time to get changed and ready for his next game. 
Second game of the last day of the season (Parker in red helmet)
A funny thing was that one of the referees coming in for the game (pictured above) walked up to Eric and asked him what he was doing there. The ref was one of Eric's teaching assistants from McMaster! This game was far better, but they were not quite able to catch up to the other team. Definitely a more exciting game to watch than the last one, but still disappointing for the kids. 

After the game, all Parker wanted to do was to go home and play video games while keeping his leg still. He hurt his leg previously and it was sore for most of the weekend.

That was pretty much how the last hockey day of the season went. Just hope winter soon gets the idea that we are done with it, too. 


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