7 Jan 2014

Ok, it's cold.

Yes,  we are experiencing a bit of winter here in Dundas.  It is hovering around -17C with a wind chill closer to -30C and I think it was a lot colder overnight. All the piles of slush generated over the last few days have frozen into what feel like mountains of ice on the roads.   Not terribly slippery, but treacherous all the same.

This picture shows the hinge on the inside of our front door (i. e. the warm side!).   Guess we need to deal with the weather stripping... well, maybe when it warms up a bit.

Looks like it is going to be around +5C and raining this weekend :-( so it will be oh so pleasant to walk around outside, especially when taking Maddy out in the back yard.  Yay, winter!

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