26 Jan 2014

Mad dogs and other things...

Not too much happening this week, but we did get to meet Stanley, the high school student who will be living with us starting next week.  Wendy and I picked him up and brought him to the high school to get him registered for second term courses.  He is so polite... hoping it rubs off on our other two teenagers...

I was able to snap a photo of Adam's new Warrant Officer 2nd Class badge for his cadet tunic. He says he will get some photos from a fellow cadet of the night he was promoted. We were not allowed to attend (we are just the parents), so hopefully the pictures will be OK for our scrapbook. I'll try to snatch a picture of him in his uniform before he leaves for cadet's this week.

Warrant Officer 2nd Class
Maddy has started to act a little weird on the stairs lately.  She goes up part way, then stops - frozen, unable to proceed.  It is like she gets half way up then forgets what she is supposed to do.  Sometimes she whimpers a little to get our attention, but we have been mostly ignoring her.  I think she just wants us to pick her up and carry her the rest of the way.  Not happening, Maddy!

Maddy - stuck on the stairs
Now, if there were a treat upstairs, she would be up there in a flash!  My guess is that she must have slipped on the stairs while we were at work, and now she gets a twinge of anxiety when she realizes she is actually on the stairs.  Perhaps the hair on her feet is getting a little bushy and is making her lose her grip (happens to us all, eventually).  Ummm, the grip part, I mean...

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