15 Jun 2016

June so far

June has been a busy month, especially for Parker. In addition to his umpire job, he got a part time job as a dishwasher at the Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ancaster (he was a caddie there last summer). He works some very long shifts, sometimes finishing just before 1 am... which means one of us has to stay up to drive him home. 

If that wasn't busy enough, Parker also is a player on a Dundas Minor baseball team. They play in several locations around Hamilton, so sometimes there is a little driving involved. Maddy seems to like to go to the games and really enjoys all the new smells at the ball park.

Adam hasn't been idle either.  He has some news to share...

Click the link above if the video doesn't work

Yes, he bought all the gear to go with the motorcycle he purchased. Here he is showing off the gear.

He picked up the bike (a used Suzuki) this week and will be taking a motorcycle course this coming weekend. He has his M1 licence (motorcycle learner...) and the course he will take includes the road test that satisfies the government requirements. 

Wendy and I have kept busy as well.  We went with her mom to a family wedding (Wendy's cousin) in Zurich (Ontario). Here we are just after the outdoor service.

It was blistering hot, so we found shade wherever we could.

Wendy and I have been doing Tai Chi since last year, and we have finally learned all 108 moves. Here is Wendy doing some of the moves... I took pictures because I had to sit out at the end due to some joint issues.

Click the link above if the video doesn't work

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