7 Feb 2015

No hot air in Ottawa

I expected that all the usual hot air in Ottawa would translate into somewhat higher temperatures, but no such luck.  It is darned cold here! 

Wendy and I are in Ottawa for Wendy's work conference, so I am out and about checking out the city until she is done.

We went to a Scottish pub for dinner - I tried a Scottish Stout

Winterlude is on, so the ice sculptures are unbelievable
I hit the National Aviation and Space Museum and the National War Museum yesterday. I also went through the Ottawa Art Gallery this morning (a few interesting Group of Seven paintings) and plan on going with Wendy to the National Art Gallery tomorrow.
Skating on the canal is popular, but not for me! 
These are just a few photos I took with my cell phone - more to come when I download from my real camera at home.

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