28 Sep 2014

It's all about me...

When we went for our normal hike this weekend, Wendy was bound and determined to get a picture of me for the blog since I rarely show up on the shiny side of the camera. She got one that was OK, and (surprise, surprise!) it showed me with my new camera.
OK, I do exist.

Now that we've gotten that bit out of the way, here are some of the pictures I took on the hike. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the sun was actually beaming through the trees. It reminded me of the Clint Eastwood quote from the "Bridges of Madison County" - he called it "God light". Maddy liked it too.
"God light"

Beam me up, Scotty!
The fall colours are not quite at their peak, but it was a good show nonetheless. Lots of green still around, but the yellows are certainly starting to predominate.

It looks like this almost everywhere you look

Some of the ground cover leaves have changed, and some haven't...

The moss is starting to dry out

Back-lit leaves

Not sure what this is, but it looked interesting

A nice colour combination
My favourite image was one I have photographed many times but couldn't capture the right feel. There is an old building in an orchard that is surrounded by a meadow (a euphemism for 'weeds'). I played around with the white balance and colour temperature a little, and I think it turned out the way I was hoping. I will definitely use it as a wallpaper for my computer desktop.

Morning light over the old cabin

Our chimney repair should be finished by tomorrow, so I will pull together a few of the record shots this week to show some before and after shots. So far, it looks great!

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