6 Aug 2014

Play time!

Last weekend Maddy was in a playful mood, so Wendy got her to run through all of her tricks. Below is a short video showing most of the tricks she can do.

Maddy really loves to chew on her rawhide and spends a lot of her day gnawing away at the multitude of pieces laying around the house.

We (Eric, Wendy, and Maddy) took a quick trip to visit our niece and family while all the boys were away. Parker went to a sleep-over at a friend's house for most of the weekend, so we had virtually nothing to do!. We decided to bring with us the old wooden rocking horse that my father had made for Adam. We have had it stored away since Parker was only a few years old. Our great niece Laura is just about the right age for it, and having her play with it is a lot better than keeping it in the garage.
Laura and the rocking horse
Laura seemed to be able to operate it without too much trouble (video below). She definitely liked it better than Maddy, though. Laura was very fond of Maddy when she was younger, but now is somewhat afraid of her. Maddy is a noisy creature and Laura much prefers calm and quiet.

After a few hours, Laura did warm up a little to Maddy, although not quite enough to get close and touch her. She was, however, very interested in watching Maddy eat her supper off the floor.

Maddy's Dinner Theatre
Wendy and Laura watching the show
It was a great visit and Maddy was so tired she slept really well that night (we also had done a 6 km hike earlier in the morning).

It is going to be busy in the next several days, with work and my 'age 50 colonoscopy'. Can you tell how thrilled I am about this test?

Just another week until Adam comes home from camp, and Parker will start school on Monday for his 2-week head start program as he enters grade 9. We will also be preparing for our trip to Edmonton soon, but the first big event to come up is actually this Saturday.  Wendy (on her birthday) will be jumping out of an airplane with her friend Mel. Hopefully some good pictures and videos will follow!

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