3 Jun 2014

First day on the job!

Parker umpired his first game today!  He was a line umpire for a major T-ball game.

Starting his very first game
Wendy and I sat on our lawn chairs just like we have done since he was 5 years old. The memories of those years came flooding back as we slapped at the mosquitos, brushed off the caterpillars,  and braced against the cold wind. The only thing missing was a rain storm!

It was a little surprising to us how many people we actually knew at the park. I guess many in our baseball/hockey community have even younger kids than we do. Sitting there,  it felt vaguely like we were a set of grandparents lounging on our chairs watching someone else's kids play ball. Maybe we'll get really good at the grandparent thing before we have to do it for real!

Not sure, but it looked to us like Parker had just a little bit of fun - you can decide for yourselves.

After a long day on the job

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