Maddy is a schnoodle - a cross between an apricot toy poodle (her father) and a silver grey schnauzer (her mother).  She is 7 years old.

She was born in February 2011 in Beamsville, and we added her to our family in May of that year.  She has a lot of schnauzer in her, but the top of her head is definitely poodle. She has black, brown, grey, and white hair.  We often have her face cut like a schnauzer (with a beard and eyebrows) as we think she looks great that way.

Sheet day!

Maddy 2011

Maddy has (very) big ears for her body
When Maddy was very small, she was a very cuddly lap dog.  As she has grown, she has become even more of a cuddly lap dog, always wanting to be held, not caring if she is upside down or not.
She doesn't mind being wrapped up

First birthday party (after cleaning her plate)!

Maddy, not pleased about the slippers...

The jacket is OK, but the slippers are out!

Maddy ripping the stuffing out of a couch

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